At Hemas, we believe in creating sustainable value to all our stakeholders as the only way to achieve long-lasting success. Our sustainability guidelines are based on the overall impact of our operations on the three components of sustainability; Environment, Social, and Economic. We bring sustainability to life through a working culture that embraces sustainability as a natural choice. We inculcate sustainability into our day to day thoughts and activities through learning, sharing, collaborating and reinforcing.

Social Capital Report

Sustainability Policies and DMAs

Hemas ‘Abhimana’ is an initiative that promotes sustainability as a lifestyle across the company. Abhimana empowers and encourages our employees and stakeholders to take ownership and contribute through creative ideas and initiatives, to proudly inspire change in our communities. This initiative is meant to encourage every employee to incorporate responsibility and sustainability into every action and thus, helps create a deep and inherent sense of dignity and pride in them as a result of a life responsibly lived. Abhimana is considered the DNA of Hemas’ core values which enhances the experience of living and working together in a responsible and sustainable society.



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