Hemas strives to enrich your lifestyle via innovative, trusted and exceptional products that offer greater satisfaction in everyday use. As a leader in the personal care sector, Hemas brands encompass a range of products for babies and adults in hair care, skin care, toiletries, fragrances and oral care. Hemas brands also includes one of Sri Lanka’s most loved brand Atlas, which is a market leader in school stationery and notebooks, pens, pencils and colour products.



Hemas Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd is a leading manufacturer in Sri Lanka’s Home & Personal Care sector. The business produces and markets a wide range of products across multiple categories. Hemas takes pride in using local insights to innovate and develop winning consumer-centric propositions, which have helped establish our brands as trusted household names with leading positions in the market. The success of the business continues to be driven by its deep understanding of the Sri Lankan consumer, coupled with an unwavering commitment to offer superior quality and value via its products and services.
Atlas Axillia Co Ltd is one of Sri Lanka’s most respected local brands and is a market leader in school stationery and notebooks, pens, pencils and colour products, with products retailed in over 70,000 outlets across Sri Lanka. Atlas Axillia brands include “Atlas”, “Zebra X”, “Homerun” and “Innov8”. The brand “Atlas” has created a strong connection to the Sri Lankan consumer, fueled by a passion for providing school-children with the essential tools for success has been voted Sri Lanka’s most loved brand in 2017.


  • Atlas Axillia
  • Home and Personal Care
  • Morison

Quality Policy

HEMAS Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd

We are dedicated to delighting our consumers and enriching their lives with high quality products which offer excellent value and are designed and processed under the highest standards at every stage of our operation

We are committed to achieving this by:
  • Providing a pleasant, safe, positive and professional working environment to the employees, that enables the creation of a culture in which all employees take personal ownership of the business success while working as a team to ensure that quality is the base of all activities at HEMAS.
  • Enhance our skills & capabilities through continuous training & development and utilize them to innovate and meet the growing demands of our consumers and of the industry, while exceed their levels of expectations at all times.
  • Continually improving our Operational Efficiency and Quality Management System through periodic audits and reviews while being environmentally conscious and consistently benchmarking ourselves during our journey towards being best in class in what we do.
  • Ensuring openness to Consumer feedback and enabling a good dialogue with Consumers, Authorities and Channel partners, in order to uphold the conformance, standards and credibility of our products at all times.