Sustainability Sustainability > Piyawara Hemas Outreach Foundation implements our community based initiatives in promoting early childhood development in Sri Lanka in partnership with the Children’s Secretariat of the Ministry of Child Development Women’s Affairs. Hemas Outreach Foundation is an approved charity by the Government.

Corporate Responsibility


Our Mission:“To nurture young children with good care in order to provide a solid foundation of a life long journey”

It is a holistic educational programme contributing to the progress of the government educational system in Sri Lanka, going beyond infancy to early childhood, helping children achieve a solid foundation for lifelong learning while leading a healthy life. Launched in 2002 as the primary CSR project of Hemas Holdings in partnership with the Ministry of Child Development & Women’s Affairs, the project focuses on promoting ECCD in Sri Lanka. At present we foster 34 ‘Piyawara’ pre-schools in Sri Lanka (from Jaffna- Hambantota). These schools are linked to the local councils of the area for sustainability. ‘Piyawara’ enriches lives of over 3000 children daily in these centres throughout Sri Lanka. 

The Piyawara programme focuses on six key areas to enhance early childhood development in Sri Lanka.  Our objectives are;

Infrastructure Development

Enhance and improve the psycho social and cognitive development of young children through the addition of new preschools to the existing national network and upgrading established preschools to reach minimum standards.

Emergency Intervention

Emergency intervention during national disasters (man-made or otherwise) in managing temporary preschools or setting up play areas in makeshift camps.

Awareness, Training & Mobilising community

Fulfill the training requirements of preschool teachers and Empower community led social development through island wide parental awareness programmes.

Recreational Facilities

Improve children’s recreational facilities in disadvantaged communities.

Child Protection

Improve child protection legislations and provide publicity for children’s issues.

Empower Special Need Kids

Empower children with ‘Special Needs’.

Facts on ECCD

  • Early childhood (birth to 8 years), the most important period of a child’s life is where approx. 75% of brain development takes place. Early Childhood Care and Development, ECCD, aims at developing the full potential of the child ensuring cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. The ‘Piyawara’ programme focuses on children under five years of age, emphasising on the foundation for children to achieve their fullest potential for lifelong learning and social skills. Past experience shows that in Sri Lanka parents possess adequate knowledge and skills on the promotion of physical development of their children. However, their knowledge on children’s mental and emotional development is inadequate. Due to this lack of knowledge, many children have become victims of abuse in different forms. Hence, parents and caregivers need to increase their understanding and awareness on ECCD related practices.