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We offer a diverse holiday experience from exotic relaxing holiday on golden beaches to adventure filled experience within the tropical island. Come celebrate the beauty, heritage and warmth of Sri Lanka with Hemas. While enjoying the luxury and comforts of our hotels, you can choose to enjoy the best of sun and sea in Bentota, Kalutara or Waikkal, or choose to discover nature and beauty that surrounds the mystic rock with ancient frescoes at Sigiriya.

As one of Sri Lanka's pioneering DMCs, Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka (DTSL) offers a variety of services that reflect the diversity within the country, thereby revealing the depth of the Sri Lankan travel experience.
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Essential Facts
  • Offering you 4 medium-class to up-market hotels
  • Hotels in Bentota, Waikkal, Sigiriya, Kalutara
  • World class environment policy followed at Hotel Sigiriya
  • Serendib Hotels PLC is a subsidiary of Hemas Group
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A warm welcome and sheer pampering for an enriched holiday