Sustainability Sustainability > Environment In supporting sustainability in the communities they work in, each sector of Hemas is involved in activities that held uplift the communities or protect the environment. Through these initiatives we also hope to improve awareness of our employees on the responsibility of humans to the greater society.

Corporate Responsibility


The Hemas Green Pledge : “We take responsibility; as individuals and collectively as part of the Hemas Group to minimise harmful practices and embrace emerging trends, that will help us leave a more gentle environmental footprint.”

Investing responsibly in a sustainable environment promises a safer lifestyle for generations to come while ensuring the continuity of the ecosystem. Therefore, with the interest of protecting our natural resources, the varied sectors in the Hemas group have adopted a commitment to look to a ‘greener future’. Carrying out environmental impact assessments, implementing eco-friendly processors and continuous monitoring of our efforts, ensure that we are along the path of practicing ‘green’ methods at key points in all our operations.

Hemas Manufacturing (Dankotuwa)

Almost 100% of the Waste water from manufacturing operations & human usage is treated and recycled at 2 treatment plants, which is then used for irrigating flora. The sludge and 80% of the solid waste (polythene, paper, glass, plastics, oil and metal) is geo-cycled meeting ISO 14000 standards. The facility won the Geo Responsibility Award for the year 2011.

Hemas Hotels

Over the past few years, each of our hotels has embarked on initiatives to help, conserve and enrich the environment. Hotel Sigiriya leads the way in our group’s green initiatives due to its location in an area that is rich in bio diversity. It was one of the first hotels in the country to adopt a greening policy. Our legendary commitment to green concepts has enabled us to strategically plan out, implement, collate and document all the activities of our hotels in consultation with an environmental expert.