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Dilakshan Srinivasagam, Customer Service Executive, Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka

It has been more than two years since I joined Diethelm Travel. The past two years have been a journey of discovery, education and friendship. At Diethelm, we consider ourselves as one large family. This has been the bedrock of our success. The work environment is very pleasant and there is a sense of unity and genuine brotherhood. As a customer service executive, I have the priviledge of working with people of various nationalities. This has been an eye opening experience. The knowledge that I have gained from working at Diethelm is invaluable; I have grown as an individual, widened my horizons, gained exposure and established a career in one of Sri Lanka’s most vibrant industries. Indeed, it has been a fruitful and an exciting couple of years.

Pradeesh David, FIT Co-ordinator, Diethelm Travel The Maldives

I Joined Diethelm Travel in May 2011. Since then I have enjoyed each and every working day as my colleagues and superiors have always been friendly, kind & helpful. Hemas identifies the strengths and capabilities of individuals & gives a lot of opportunities to prove themselves. So if you are a person who wants to face challenges in life and to have a fruitful career, Hemas is ideal. Those kinds of personalities would love Hemas and in return Hemas would love you.

Pradeep De Silva, Hemas Hospitals

The hospital enables training of latest technology on equipment handling and enhances the services provided with quality and value addition. We believe that working at the hospital is far more than just the wealth of opportunities and great facilities; in fact most essentially it offers the chance to make a real difference to lives.

Rajmohan Dharmaraj, Hemas Hospitals

I am proud to be a member of the working team of Hemas Hospital Wattala, which became the first internationally accredited hospital chain in Sri Lanka. This is a multi-specialty hospital chain built to international standers in order to offer the highest levels of medical care to the patients. The hospital also offers world classes services at highly affordable prices and renders services from basic consultation to specialty cases. Essentially as a family oriented hospital it offers patients best facilities coupled with top quality care.

Current Opportunities

The Hemas Academy

The Hemas Academy headed by the senior management overlooks the training and development offered for the whole group. The academy looks into the requirements of the top management are identified and management development programmes are designed and implemented across the group. It offers two programmes: Management Development Programme , Leadership Development Programme

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Internship Programme

Hemas offer opportunities for new talent to familiarise themselves with the corporate environment via its internship programme targeting undergraduates and school leavers.

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