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Velvet Body Lotion

Velvet Body Lotions were created to satisfy a need that has never been addressed before – a skincare product designed especially for Sri Lankan skin. After extensive research, we created 3 unique variants that bring you the best of science and nature - Glow Perfect, All Day Fresh and Intense Nourish. Each one was designed to enhance your skin’s natural beauty and make it stand out, giving you the confidence you’ve always needed to #StepIntoYourGlow! All three variants provide their own distinctive benefits, with the underlying advantage of enhancing the unique Sri Lankan beauty.


  • Glow Perfect (Saffron) - 360° lightening technology with UV blockers, fairness vitamins and Saffron for an instant golden glow
  • All Day Fresh (Sakura Flower) - Instant cooling & Fragrance Lock technology that keep you feeling fresh all day with the long lasting fragrance of cherry blossom!
  • Intense nourish (Avocado Butter) - Contains a potent moisture renewing complex for deep moisturizing and vitamin-e beads that dissolve into your skin and make the skin feel nourished from the 1st application onwards

Our product range

  • Velvet Body Lotion - Intense Nourish
  • Velvet Body Lotion - Glow Perfect
  • Velvet Body Lotion - All Day Fresh

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